How often should I change my air filter?
This answer depends on multiple factors. At a minimum they should be
changed 3-4 times a year, however it is a good practice to check the
condition of the filter every month and change as needed.


How often should I have my system inspected?
You should have your system inspected twice a year. Once in the spring
before the hot weather starts and once in the fall before the cold
weather arrives.


Do you offer financing?
We don’t have financing for our repair and installation services.
However, we can offer financing from Alabama Power and ALAGASO for new
system equipment.


How much does it cost to have you come out?
Our diagnostic fee is $69 then we do straight forward pricing based on
the need of any repair (Any additional work must be approved).


What’s included in the diagnostic service?
Each diagnosis includes a detailed written report and verbal explanation of any issues that may have been found with your unit.


Do you come 24/7?
Yes we have technicians on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


How much is your after hours rate?
Our after hours diagnostic fee is $99 them we apply our straight forward pricing based on the need of any repair.


What’s your service area?
Our residential service area is ALL of Jefferson county AND, as far
North as Hayden, as far south as Alabaster, as far east as Springville,
and as far West as Jasper.


What’s your best deal?
The most economical service we offer is our annual residential service
agreement. For $150.00 you get 2 annual checkups (for one system). Any
additional systems are 25% off annual fee ($112.50). Two systems would
be $262.50. Annual contract includes: priority service, normal rates for
after-hours service, 25% discount on any repairs and a 10% discount on
any new installations. We do offer Customers to have the option for
monthly payments for Service Agreements.