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Gas Furnaces & Heaters

Gas Infrared Heaters

Natural gas infrared heaters heat the air to a higher temperature than other fuels, using less energy and placing money back into your pocket. You can have them installed in the largest rooms of your house and keep the temperature for the specific area different from another parts of the house. This is extremely useful during the winter months. There are many other advantages to having a gas infrared heater. One of them is that you will have heat even when the power goes out, giving you extra security with small children. Another is that they have the fewest emission rate of all heaters that are installed in homes. It is always a necessity to make sure your gas heater is installed by a professional, so that they can assure you there are no leaks that could harm you and your family.

Gas Furnaces

We install and repair all natural gas furnaces. We have been doing this line of work for over 30 years so you may rest assured that we will have only highly trained technicians come to your home. Our technicians are courteous and will treat your home in a respectful manner. We also offer a maintenance program at a cost-friendly rate and will perform an inspection of your equipment twice a year to ensure that your equipment is working properly. If your system is damaged, we also do gas furnace repairs.